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What is the SBE?

The SBE (Brazilian Society of Speleology) is a public-service non-profit civil organization which unites, on a national level, groups and individuals interested in the preservation, exploration, and research of our caves, as well as those interested in activities related to the environment.

The society, founded on November 1, 1969, encourages, organizes and disseminates information about all activities related to speleology, whether sportive, social, or scientific..


To achieve its objectives, the society is organized into sectors, including those for  Underwater Speleology (cave diving), the History of Speleology, Environmental Education, and Photography, as well as the Department for the Protection of the Speleological Heritage.  It also participates in the national commissions for the Measurement of Caves, Vertical Techniques, and Cave Rescue.

The SBE organizes the National Register of the Caves of Brazil (CNC), with more than 5,000 cavities already registered, and maintains the Guy-Christian Collet  library, containing books and periodicals, as well as videos and maps of caves.

It is responsible for three publications: the InformAtivo SBE, which  prints material and news of interest to the speleological community, the Espeleo-Tema, which prints scientific articles, and the electronic bulletin SBE Noticias, aimed at the lay public and beginning cavers, which provides news related to speleology and the environment.

In addition to these services, the SBE is also responsible for the following:

-Realization of the Brazilian Congresses of Speleology and other meetings and events in the area; the most recent of these have been the 13th International Congress of Speleology (Speleo-Brazil 2001) held in  Brasilia DF, with the presence of 500 participants from 43 countries, the 28th Brazilian Congress of Speleology in 2005, held in Campinas, SP, with more than 200 participants from Brazil and various foreign countries, and the 29th Brazilian Congress of Speleology, held in the Federal University of Ouro Preto in 2007.

-Collaboration with environmental organs in the monitoring and protection of the Brazilian speleological heritage, especially with the Secretaries of the Environment of the various states and the National Ministry of the Environment (IBAMA/CECAV).

-Collaboration with the Brazilian National Council for Research (CNPq) and other governmental organs in the evaluation of foreign speleological expeditions in Brazil (norms available  at the following link:

At present the Society consists of more than 1,700 speleologists and 120 associated groups in 22 of the Brazilian states, the Federal District, and 5 foreign countries.

The SBE provides representatives in the Brazilian Commission on Geological and Paleobiological Sites  (SIGEP) of UNESCO, the Specialized Council for Cave Diving (CEMEC) of IBAMA, the Consultative Council of the State Touristic Park of the Upper Ribeira (PETAR), the Consultative Council of the State Park of Jacupiranga (PEJ), and the Consultative Council of the National Park of the Caves of Peruašu (PARNA).

Internationally, the SBE maintains a formal agreement with the Portuguese Federation of Speleology (FPE) and the Spanish Federation of Speleology (FEE) for the periodic provision of courses for Brazilian speleologists offered by international instructors.  Moreover, it maintains direct contact with speleological organizations in some twenty other countries.  Via the SBE, Brazil is a full and active member of the International Speleological Union (UIS) and one of the founding members of the Speleological Federation of Latin America and the Caribbean (FEALC).

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